The Storyteller, suite for marimba, vibraphone, electric guitar, Native American flute, and vocals

Mande Music, adaptations for marimba and percussion



Solo Marimba

Abe, Keiko  ~ Dream of the Cherry Blossoms

Albeniz, Isaac ~ Leyenda

Bach, J.S. ~ Bouree in B minor from Violin Sonata II in B minor

Bach, J.S. ~ Cello Suite No.1

Burritt, Michael ~ Caritas

Debussey, Claude ~ The Snow is Falling

Druckman, Jacob ~ Reflections on the Nature of Water

Miyoshi, Akira ~ Torse 3

Tanaka, Toshimitsu ~ Two Movements for Marimba

Vinao, Alejandro ~ Khan Variations


Marimba Duo

O’Meara, Rich ~ Wooden Music


Solo Multi-Percussion

Kraft, William ~ French Suite

Lang, David ~ Anvil Chorus


Percussion Ensemble

Cage, John ~ Third Construction

Fitkin, Graham ~ Hook

Gloss, Randy ~ National Geographic Oro

Harrison, Lou ~ Fugue

Hartke, Stephen ~  Percolative Processes

Hatch, Earl ~ Pliatan

Nobvensky, Eugene ~ Intentions

Reich, Steve ~ Clapping Music

Rouse, Christopher ~ Ku Ka Ilimoku

Sanchez, Poncho ~ Sin Timbal

Spencer, Julie ~ Tribeca Sunflower

Varese, Edgard ~ Ionization

Vine, Carl ~ Defying Gravity

Wyre, John ~ Marumba